We’re creating an authentic Bangladesh experience with a luxurious twist.

Bbangladesh is all about it's people

The Resort

Maya Eco Resort’s guests are in for a surprise of delight and intrigue. We will not only provide guests with an exclusive opportunity to experience village life first-hand, they’ll do so whilst enjoying all the luxuries, world-class gourmet fare and five-star service that make a luxury resort holiday such a gift for mind, body and spirit.

The Country

Bangladesh is a country whose people, places and history create an unforgettable and often life-changing experience for anyone lucky enough to visit. Vibrant and exciting at one turn, peaceful and restorative the next, the people of Bangladesh welcome each and every visitor with a wide smile and open arms as they step into another world.

The Village

Sustainability is a way of life in the 64,000 villages of Bangladesh, where villagers work with nature to produce organic food, handloom textiles and homewares, just as their ancestors have done for thousands of years. Visitors are welcomed like family and can be profoundly moved by the peace and spirituality of these wonderful communities.

Bangladesh: Hidden Treasure

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    The road to...

    A true melting pot of faiths, there are fun-filled festivals all year long in Bangladesh and its unique food, music and traditions have been influenced by the diverse civilizations that have settled here for the past 3000 years.

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    Sundarban: Largest Mangrove forest in the world

    Home to the magnificent Bengal Tiger, the pristine Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Visitors have the chance to experience how villagers are learning to share and protect tiger habitat without fear of harm.

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    Who we are

    Nowhere are travellers likely to have more positive connections with local people than in Bangladesh. Offering friendship and heartfelt hospitality, Bengalis have a warmth and gentle kindness that’s irresistible.

Not Just a Destination – An Experience

Bangladesh is the next big thing for travellers wanting to dive into local culture and experience another way of life. Tourists today are looking to do more than just see the sights. They are no longer content to be a spectator when they travel – they want to be part of the action, to connect with the true essence of a place and its people, and to enrich their lives with authentic experiences. Bangladesh is in the perfect position to offer people ‘experiential travel’ – whether they are seasoned travellers or taking their first big trip – and is the new frontier for people seeking to step off the beaten path and go somewhere untouched by the tourist glitz spreading its way across the globe. With the charm of village life, ancient cultural heritage, and pristine natural environment, Bangladesh offers visitors the getaway of a lifetime.

Maya Eco Resort

We believe sustainability is not an option.
It’s the only way forward



    The team behind the resort shares a strong sense of personal integrity and a commitment to delivering the highest of standards. Founded by local entrepreneur Nazmul Ahmed, out of a desire to share Bangladesh with the world, the resort will strive for first-class standards, sound environmental practice and respect for all people.

    There are many luxury hotels and resorts in the world, but few offer the chance for guests to have a truly authentic cultural adventure in style. This eco resort promises a five-star experience in all senses of the word – accommodation, dining, service and experiential travel that’s sure to put smiles on faces and create lifelong memories.

    In line with its focus on environmental sustainability, we will use organic, locally farmed produce in its menus, which will change with the seasons. Food is considered an art to be savored in Bangladesh, and Maya Eco Resort’s gourmet fare will be no exception.

    We put people first and this is reflected both in service standards and respect for staff. A happy, well-trained team is the surest way to guarantee consistent excellence when it comes to service and, with this in mind, we aim to make each and every guest feel like royalty.
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Mud Huts

Cool in summer and warm in winter, mud huts are made sustainably using mud and bamboo, and are traditionally thatched with palm leaves.

About Maya Eco Resort

Using the traditional mud hut as its design inspiration, the resort offers guests the chance to experience a world far removed from their own. Through hands-on activities and interaction with local villagers, guests will be able to deeply immerse themselves into village life. With their own mud hut (complete with all the luxuries they could wish for), five-star service and organic gourmet fare, Maya’s guests are sure to leave refreshed and enriched.


We believe that if you really love what you do, others will love what comes out of your hands

organic farming at our eco reosrt
mud hut samples of our resort YOU KNOW THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT
organic farming in our eco resort SIMPLY BECAUSE IT'S TOO AWESOME TO RESIST
close by pottery village


Protecting local villages is a real consideration for us. Villages will, in effect, partner with us, and share in its financial success. Any tourist interaction with villagers will be done with full consent and willing cooperation. We aim to help maintain the true nature of this special country and its people, in the face of inevitable development.


From the choice of construction materials, to the environmental practices in the resort’s operation, Maya will be designed to have minimal impact on the Earth. Bangalis have been living sustainably for thousands of years for one simple reason – it just makes sense – and we can’t help but agree.


The idea of Maya Eco Resort was born out of a love of Bangladesh and its people and the desire to create a unique five-star eco resort in Bangladesh that truly honours tradition and village life. Maya’s dedicated team is committed to turning that dream into reality, and has the skills to back up the vision.

Maya, This word comes with deep meaning and context under eastern philosophies and in Bangla as a language.

Maya is a place where you can feel our sense of warmth, affection and gratitude for taking the time to visit a place of unexplainable nostalgia and belonging even at your first visit to Maya.


Do you want to help build Maya Eco Resort into the success story we know it will become?

excellence in sercice

If you have the experience, training and attitude to deliver excellence, and have been waiting for the perfect project to support, we’d like to hear from you.

Integrity in people

The partners we are looking to work with will share our ethical values, will be honest at all times, and committed to transparency in business.

dedication at work

If you believe in us, we’ll believe in you. We ask for a long-term vision and commitment to take this luxury eco Resort from concept to reality.


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The Investors
Joint investment opportunity

Maya Eco Resort is a sound investment opportunity that’s future proof. If this opportunity sounds like you, let’s talk.

become resort's designer
The Architect
Creative design

If you’ve been waiting for the right creative project to design – a resort inspired by mud huts – we’d love to hear from you.

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The Suppliers
Eco-friendly focus

If your business has green credentials and offers a product or service relevant to building and launching our resort, feel free to contact us.

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The Advocates
Help spread the word

If our philosophy and plans strike a chord, we’d love you to spread the word. Like our Facebook page, sign up for our blog updates and share our posts with your friends.


Follow our journey and stay tuned for updates as our vision for Maya Eco Resort takes shape

Why did we bring Maya to the world...

27 MARCH 2013

Story behind the brand

22 APRIL 2013

Launched the website

31 MAY 2013


If you are interested in learning more about Maya Eco Resort,
or would like to express your interest in investing or joining our team, email us here.
The resort will help the community at large and is sure to be financially as well as personally rewarding for all involved in building it.


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